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Children’s science fiction

I posted details of some of my children’s books in the box about them.  If you click on the bottom left box there are brief summaries.  Incidentally, that photo of ‘Dark Visitor’ in space is not photo-shopped.  The rocket boys actually sent it up to the edge of space in research balloon and photographed it above most of the atmosphere with a curved Earth and black sky behind it.

My books are aimed at ‘young adults,’ the age group of perhaps 12-14, although younger children have told me they have read and enjoyed them.  My settings and characters are all different in each book, but all have it in common that there is no magic.  This makes them science fiction rather than fantasy, and the laws of physics apply.  I must add ‘The Emerald Warriors’ to the list of those in print.  And a month ago I finished a sequel (my first) to ‘Children of the Night,’ which is still being edited.

On Tuesday, when I speak to the QMUL Literary Society, I’ll be dealing with the processes and techniques which I use.  Basically I start with the characters and the setting, and then develop a rough outline of the plot.  One of the rewards of writing is that the characters come to life as I write, and start doing things that were never initially expected or planned!  At the end of it I’ve created a new universe with people in it who never existed before.  It’s a very satisfying process, and my hope is that my readers will find some of the pleasures in reading them that I enjoyed in writing them.

They are all available on Amazon in a Kindle version at 77p each. The link is: tinyurl.com/95h9z9z

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