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The End of Politics and the birth of iDemocracy

I went to a book launch yesterday for a new work from Douglas Carswell, MP.  The first half reports “The End of Politics,” pointing out that it has grown beyond our ability to control it or to prevent a political class preying upon the rest.  He shows that while our commercial products now give us more for our money than they could deliver a few decades ago, the reverse is true of our government.  It costs us more money to achieve less with it.

The second half, “the Birth of iDemocracy,” suggest a way already evolving that might enable us to cope.  It comes down to having a say in what services we want as individuals, and how we might use the new powers the internet gives to customize what we receive and how it is delivered.  Communication now gives us access to crowd-sourcing and the experience of others to help guide our own.  You can read about the book here.

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