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Decision day

On Tuesday November 6th, which is US election day, I’ll be attending the ASI’s reception for The Next Generation (TNG).  It’s in the ASI offices from 6.0pm and will feature a ten-minute speech covering the issues that emerged during the campaign, how the contest played out, and what might be the consequences of a win by either of the two main party candidates. There won’t be any results, of course, until early next morning.  The US news networks do not release exit poll results until after the polling has closed, which means on the West coast, 8 hours behind us. I’m sure that many of those who attend the TNG reception will go on to bars or parties that feature live TV coverage into the early hours, but I’ll probably not know how it went until I wake up next day.

Until then I’ll be in the South of France hoping to catch a few days of late sunshine before winter sets in.

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