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Hayek book launch

On Wednesday Nov. 7th the IEA is hosting a book launch for my colleague Eamonn Butler’s book on Friedrich Hayek, subtitled “The Ideas and Influence of the Libertarian Economist.”  It starts at 6.30 pm in the IEA’s rooms at 2 Lord North Street in Westminster. As the IEA’s announcement points out:

“Hayek was the 20th Century’s leading critic of Keynes – correctly forecasting that Keynes’s policies would lead to inflation, unemployment and debt. He explained how booms and busts occur, placing much more of the blame on governments and regulators, rather than bankers. He showed why booms built on cheap credit would inevitably dissolve into deep recessions – and why the best policy is to let the process work out rather than try to keep propping up failing banks and industries.”

Eamonn’s book is excellent.  It’s his second one on Hayek and is a first class primer in the life and ideas of the great man.

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