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“How to Win Every Argument” – Madsen Pirie


I just received six copies of a Chinese edition of “How to Win Every Argument,” my book on logical fallacies.  It arose originally out of the logic classes I taught at Hillsdale College in the US.  The students seemed to like my treatment of logical fallacies, so I wrote it up as a book, published by Routledge as “The Book of the Fallacy.”

Many years later Continuum asked me to update it and extend it, and published it as “How to Win Every Argument.”  I’m not sure about the title, but it does sell steadily, and has run into different editions in several languages.  I’m also not quite sure if my wry humour translates very well into Chinese, but the logical structure of most of the fallacies should hold good for different languages. It was a fun course to teach and a fun book to write. I hope it’s given my readers some pleasure…


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