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Going for gas

The Committee on Climate Change has released a report timed to coincide with the UK government’s announcement giving shale gas the go-ahead. The CCC report contains fanciful predictions about future costs in order to suggest the green energy will save householders money instead of costing them extra (which it does).  The problem environmental lobbyists have with shale gas is that it is a game changer.  It is a fossil fuel, but one in plentiful supply, maybe for centuries. It is cleaner than coal or oil, and not located in politically risky areas.  The US looks set to become a net energy exporter because of it.

The imposition of the higher costs of renewable energy is beginning to look unnecessary, as are the hair-shirt warnings that we must curb our consumption, abandon the wealth-creating process, and go back to older and simpler lifestyles. Gas has changed the game, and the UK government, to its credit, has spotted that.


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