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Christmas jumpers


For some unfathomable reason, Christmas jumpers seem to be in vogue. Traditionally they are knitted ones showing reindeer, snowflakes and other somewhat Nordic Christmas themes. In that they are a festive choice, they are, in a sense, extravagant.  They are not something most people would want to wear through winter, but more the sort of garment to be brought out each time Christmas approaches.

Seeing how fashionable they have become this year, my immediate reaction is to suppose that recovery might be on the way. This is disposable income, almost frivolous consumption, and not the sort of things you do when times are hard. My own Christmas jumper is by no means frivolous, being very warm as well as decorative. But the widespread appearance of Christmas jumpers suggests that people are prepared to have a little fun, despite straightened times. It’s a good sign, worth enjoying for its own sake, but could perhaps be an early indicator of recovery.


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