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The food blog reborn


I started the food blog after I took over a friend’s diet blog for a couple of weeks. With some friends we started anotherfoodblog.com, posting about things we ate and drank, usually with photos.  We wrote about what we cooked and what and where we ate out. Some contributors dropped out and others were added, though I was easily the most frequent writer. We did it for five and a half years until December 26th last year, then stopped.

We left the site up without adding to it, and were surprised by how well the readership held up. It dipped from the heights of nearly 50,000 visits a month, but still managed to pull in 30,000 visits a month from people looking up our take on recipes and restaurants a year after we stopped adding to it. It made us better cooks. It certainly made me seek to prepare more ambitious recipes. I started buying recipe books and trying out some of the adventurous dishes listed there.

It was stopped last Boxing Day because I felt it had run its course, and I wanted to use the time and energy it freed to do other things. But recently a friend decided to start a food blog of his own and was quite intrigued to take over ours when it was offered. So anotherfoodblog.com is active again, in the capable hands of Robert. After a year less a week of absence, it is back and prospering.


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