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Detection of fraud and misgovernment

According to Ernst and Young, the top ten phrases used by potential fraudsters in e-mails are Cover up, Write off, Illegal, Failed investment, Nobody will find out, Grey area, They owe it to me, Do not volunteer information, Not ethical, and Off the books.  Procedures developed by the FBI enable mail to be scanned looking for the “red flag” markers that something is amiss.

This is good stuff, and sets me looking for similar markers to indicate that fraudulent government is afoot.  I think “People often don’t know what’s best for them” is a prime candidate, and “Government has a moral responsibility to act” is a surefire giveaway. I am happy to receive other suggestions of phrases that warn us of impending mischief…


4 Responses

  1. “This is evidence based policy” which means “This is policy based evidence.”

  2. Offered to add to the list.

    Any phrase or sentence containing one or more or combinations of the following words: the poor; poor pensioner; vulnerable; underprivileged; disadvantaged; caring; compassionate; society; social justice; moral; immoral; fair share; the rich; hard working; poverty; decent men and women; what every decent person wants; bonuses; democracy; duty; the taxpayer; Rights; minorities; environment; global warming; NHS; our children’s education; fight against/war on terror/drugs/hunger/disease/poverty/child poverty; equality; inequality; fairness, fair; crisis obesity/alcohol/climate change; lorranordah aka law and order.

  3. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”
    Ronald Regan.

  4. “The time for debate is over.”
    A sure sign that a corrupt and poorly written piece of legislation is about to be rammed down our throats without care or consideration.
    It was famously used during the ObamaCare debate, and is being used again as we speak in the attack on 2nd Amendment Rights.

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