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White elephant wind turbine proves unable to cope with wind

turbine crash

I make no secret of my skepticism about wind power.  The turbines use much energy and resources to build, and need back-up power for when wind doesn’t blow.  They are very expensive, and put up fuel bills.  They are noisy, unsightly, and kill birds.  Without tax-funded subsidies they would not be built.  Given that natural gas is cheap and abundant, thanks to fracking, wind power will be seen in the future as almost as big as mistake as bio-fuels, although to its credit it has not caused as many people to starve.

When a large one of them just crashed because it could not withstand the force of the wind, the description of the “mangled, blackened wreck with melted blades” seemed like a symbolic depiction of the policy itself.  May all policies that rely on tokenism rather than sense and calculation go the same way.


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