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Cava, cakes and cheese at University College, London


On Tuesday I hosted a party for some students at University College, London.  It was held under the auspices of UCL Conservative Association, but included libertarians and other free marketers as well.  I offered vintage cava, which I actually prefer to the cheaper champagnes.  Price for price I find it much better.  UCLCA provided soft drinks for teetotallers and those who had given up alcohol for Lent.  Cheeses included brie, Austrian smoked, stilton, Danish blue, mature cheddar, red Leicester and Edam, with both crackers and sweetmeal biscuits to eat with them.  While many people lay on wine and cheese parties, my innovation is to add cakes.  I provide a variety of different types of cake, including chocolate, soft fudge, cherry Madeira and fruit cake amongst others.  I find that student guests tend to snack on the cheeses, leaving the cakes untouched for the first half an hour.  Then quite suddenly they start on the cakes, which disappear with amazing speed.  The party went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  There’s no magic really.  Just good drink, good food, and good company.  It’s as simple as that.


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