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Taking a trans-Atlantic voyage on the Titanic II


Clive Palmer, an Australian multi-millionaire who made his fortune in mining is planning a new venture: a replica of the Titanic to sail the blue riband route between Southampton and New York.  The ship will look exactly like its ill-fated predecessor and the interior design will closely follow the original – designers used all the trendy ideas for decorating small spaces, as well as left that famous grand staircase to the first class lounge, so brilliantly reproduced for James Cameron’s movie.

The Titanic II will include more lifeboats (of course!), a hospital and a helipad, and will, unlike the original, be air conditioned.  But the aim will be to replicate the atmosphere of the original ship’s era, with period clothes supplied in each cabin for voyagers wishing to dress the part.

Will it succeed, despite its association with a tragic past? Oh yes.  There will be a waiting list.  It will be like the Orient Express, which runs now for travellers who want to savour the experience of crossing Europe in a luxury train that replicates past splendours.  I will certainly travel on the ship, though not on its maiden voyage schedule for 2016.  This has nothing to do with superstition on my part, and everything to do with price.  The maiden voyage will be too expensive, given that when I do sail it, I will want to go first class.  I think this is a splendid idea, one that will make money for its investors. More to the point, it will bring a little magic into our lives.


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