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New edition of “How to Win Every Argument”


I have had some good news from Bloomsbury.  They took over Continuum who published my book on logical fallacies, “How to Win Every Argument.”  It is still selling steadily six years after publication, and Bloomsbury think it might be time for a second edition with some added text.  The original is primarily a list of logical fallacies, with each of them explained, some with what I hoped were humorous examples.  I thought I might this time add a few chapters at the front outlining the structure of successful arguments, and dealing with different contexts.  Arguing in a public debate, for example, is different from arguing one-to-one in private, and presenting an argument on television is not the same as presenting one over a dinner table.  Basically I agreed, and have undertaken to write the material for a second edition, and update any of the original fallacies that need it.  Meanwhile I am all agog to receive the first hard copies of “Silver Dawn” (children’s SF) within the next couple of weeks.


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