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Now that “Silver Dawn” has had its launch party I can show the cover


It was a close run thing.  We’d scheduled the launch party for the latest in my children’s SF series for Monday Match 18th, but we didn’t actually have any books.  Then at lunchtime on the day itself a few boxes were delivered so we were able to go ahead.  “Silver Dawn” is my first sequel, featuring the lead characters from my earlier “Children of the Night.”  It is set in an alternative Earth, and although there are mediaeval trappings such as sailing ships and a powerful church and aristocracy, it is a work of science fiction, not fantasy.  There is no magic, and there are mechanical flying machines called dragonflies alongside those sailing ships.  There is telepathy, though, which is assumed to follow scientific laws.  My young protagonist, Mark, is a sensitive, who is just learning to develop his skills, not only in mental communication, but in mental combat.  He comes up against a powerful and mysterious cardinal, highly-placed in the Church’s hierarchy and a deadly opponent.  Fortunately Mark has his friend Quicksilver, the rat with whom he shares a telepathic bond.  It all makes for a very exciting story, especially with Gene, who qualified as the youngest drangonfly pilot and has skills that belie her years.  You can’t actually buy the book yet, but when it becomes available, I’ll post a link.


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