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I think perhaps I have too many projects on the go at once


Last year was supposed to be my year of living at full pelt, but this one is filling up  quite rapidly.  First of all Bloomsbury have suggested I prepare a second edition of “How to Win Every Argument” with some new content.  I thought I might add a few more logical fallacies to it, and have a few introductory chapters on how to structure an argument, and how to argue in different contexts such as at a debate, on radio or TV, in print, or in a pub.

Then Harriman House said that they were pleased with “Economics Made Simple” and wondered if I’d consider doing another economics book pitched at a similar audience.  I thought about it and suggested “Sense and Nonsense in Economics,” which would be a lot of fun to write.

Then it was suggested to me that I should write a book aimed at school sixth formers giving the case for liberty in a fairly punchy way.  “Why Liberty” was my first suggestion of a title, with the book covering why liberty is not only the most moral system, but also the most efficient.

With “Silver Dawn” finally down the slipway, my thoughts turn to “Team Games,” a children’s SF book already written but needing just a final polish before it goes to press.  And close on its heels comes “Morven,” my space adventure story about a young xenotelepath.

I am investigating the possibility of doing a weekly video blog on the ASI site.  These would each be of 3 minutes in length and would simply involve me talking to camera on some of the issues that have attracted my attention and interest during the week.  They would command a regular weekly slot such as a Tuesday morning.  I am in the process of learning editing and titling techniques, and preparing to make a few trial videos to see how well it works.

With all of the other stuff I do, I am beginning to think that perhaps I have too many things on the go…


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