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If you want to write children’s science fiction you have to read it


I read a good deal of children’s science fiction.  It’s often classified as for ‘young adults,’ since it is usually read by teenagers rather than by younger children.  Some reviewers have said that mine tend towards ‘kidult,’ since adults can enjoy them as well.  The children’s SF books by Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein came into that category.

The occasion for my recent spending spree was an unexpected book token for £50, given to me after I recently spoke to a school audience in Oxfordshire.  There were special offers at Waterstone’s in Cambridge, with some books marked ‘£2 off,’ and some marked buy “buy one and get one half price.’  Anyway, I managed to pick up these books with my token.

“City of the Falling Sky” by Joseph Evans

“Warp – the Reluctant Assassin” by Eoin Colfer

“Interworld” by Neil Gaiman & Michael Reaves

“Time Riders – The Eternal War” by Alex Scarrow

“Time Riders – City of Shadows” by Alex Scarrow

“Lost Worlds” by Andrew Lane

“Itch” by Simon Mayo

“Silverfin” by Charlie Higson

The two “Time Rider” books by Alex Scarrow are part of a series, and although “Silverfin” is not SF, being about the young James Bond, I wanted to catch the flavour of that series as well.  I know I’m going to enjoy “Warp” because Eoin Colfer is a marvellous writer and I like everything he writes, including the more serious stuff away from the brilliant “Artemis Fowl” series that are fantasy rather than SF.  Now all I have to do is to find time to read them all…


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