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David Cameron wants to be Harry Potter, but does he understand the drawbacks of magic?

potterworldUK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared to students in Kazakhstan that he’d quite like to be Harry Potter. I think many people might say the same, but analysis of the world of magic and muggles shows that not all things in Potterworld are necessarily those we’d like to live amongst. A study has pointed to some of the downside, and it makes for hilarious, if sobering, reading. The government of witches and wizards seems to run just about everything, including the jobs on offer. Officials seem to be appointed without any public elections. The government seems to spy on its citizens and to put out or sanction propaganda. There is a very real class division between purebloods, half-bloods and muggles, and the economy, such as it is, seems dysfunctional, with goods and services being magicked into existence. Come to think of it, some of this territory sounds awfully familiar. Maybe David Cameron and the rest of our political classes would find themselves quite at home in Potterworld…


One Response

  1. Well……..there is more than an element of truth in your comment. The crazy mixed up world of 21st century politics lacks much of the lustre and order of Harry Potter……Hogwarts an’ all.

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