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Preserving half-used fruits and vegetables with silicone caps instead of plastic bags

foodhuggersI use plastic bags to stop half used fruits and vegetables from going bad. My tomatoes are mostly small cherry vine types, so I don’t have leftover halves, but onions and peppers do tend to get part-used, and plastic bags tightly fitted around them keep them fresh longer. Red peppers in particular tend to rot quickly, so I keep them in a separate bag so they don’t contaminate the others. Now there’s a new way to keep food fresh. Food Huggers are a set of silicone caps advertised as dish-washer-, microwave- and freezer-safe. With luck your half used piece of fruit or vegetable will neatly fit one of the caps, so you just press it into place. The two designers raised $200,000 from a Kickstarter campaign, far more than they needed to get into production. Since plastic bags are not totally effective (and a tad messy) I think I’ll give Food Huggers a go and see how good they are.


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