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A scooter you can carry on your back when you’re not riding it

scooter1scooter2It’s a clever idea from Brazil-based designer Gustavo Brenck, although this is not yet in production, but developed as a DIY designer project.  The concept of his ‘Gig pack’ is clever: you need a backpack to keep your stuff in, so why not make one that doubles as a scooter?  It’s made of aluminium, with the rear part of the scooter folded into the nylon backpack, and the handlebars, upright and front wheel sitting snugly outside the back of it.  You unzip the pack, fasten front and back wheels and secure the straps.  Your goodies are safely retained in the backpack that now rides behind the front of the scooter.  It will carry up to 90 kilos, and has big rubber wheels to give it a comfortable ride.  It solves the problem of how to get around the traffic, and yet be able to take it into an office, shop or a coffee bar when you need to leave the pavement.  It won’t get stolen while it’s on your back, and is easily carried onto a train, tube or bus if you need to.  It’s clever, it does the job, and it looks awesomely cool…


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  1. All it needs is an engine.

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