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Turning the electric motorcycle into a must-have style icon with the E-Flyer

e-flyer bikeIt’s retro, it’s sweepingly stylish, eye-wideningly expensive and, appropriately enough, it’s supplied by Icon.  Set to become an instant style icon, it’s the E-Flyer, and only 50 of them are to be made.  The back wheel is driven by a 3,500 watt DC motor powered by a 52 volt, 12.5 ampere hour battery pack.  It uses 750 watts for pedal-assisted 20 mph “street legal” riding, but in its “race” mode all 3,500 watts take it up to 35 mph, more than enough to get you a ticket in most states.  Charging time is 2 hours, and range is claimed at 35 miles, though critics put it closer to 30 miles.  Its appeal is with its style and attention to detail.

“It starts with hydroformed aluminum frame coated in Icon’s Rocky Mountain Gray Powder Coat, along with a billet aluminum front fork and a smattering of brushed stainless steel, nickel, and brass accents. Avid disc brakes keep things in check up front, while a Brooks saddle keeps your bottom cosseted in hand-stitched leather.”

The huge headlight and the curved handlebars take us back to the racing bikes that graced the first decades of the Twentieth Century.  The looks could be called “classic.”  It’s a great boys’ toy, but the boys had better have big piggy-banks because it comes in at $4,995.  They had better be reasonably strong boys, too, to haul its 57 pounds around.  I don’t think it would have been fast enough for James Dean to ride, but it’s the sort of thing he might have been photographed alongside.  No, I’m not going to get one because I’ve never been into motorbikes, but I am impressed.  I think the appropriate word is “Wow!”


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