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There’s to be a museum of science fiction opening in Washington DC in 2017

science-fiction-picI’ve seen exhibits of science fiction memorabilia before, but now there’s to be a whole museum devoted to it.  As a writer of science fiction for young adults I naturally approve.  Science fiction plays an important role in stimulating youthful imaginations and even in directing young people to seek out science-based careers or to work on new inventions at a later stage.  The new museum’s executive director, Greg Viggiano, says it will be “offering a dizzying array of characters, props and other awesomeness from Star Trek, Dune and the novels of Isaac Asimov to name just a few.”  Since a museum basically features things to look at and to interact with, it will rely heavily on visual props from movies and TV shows.  For those who cannot wait until 2017, Viggiano hopes to open a “preview museum” in 2015 to showcase some of the exhibits that will be in the big museum (fifteen times as big) two years later.  I think the prospects for this are good.  Science fiction has a huge fan base, some of whom remain fans for life and will seek out such a museum to visit with their own children. [With this story I am very close to the time when I must suspend writing the blog for a few months in order to complete other commitments].


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