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In honour of Milton Friedman

I chaired the meeting the ASI held in honour of Milton Friedman’s centenary.  My colleague, Dr Eamonn Butler, spoke of Friedman’s plan to replace assorted benefits such as food stamps and housing allowance by a single negative income tax that would make payments to those below the accepted minimum income line.

The Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP covered Friedman’s opinion that drugs should be legalized, pointing to his own paper, “Common Sense on Cannabis,” suggesting that the use of cannabis should no longer be a criminal act in the UK.

Dr Adam Martin of King’s College, London, supported Friedman’s position on free trade, pointing out that the economic gains of unrestricted imports  outweighed by many times any costs they might incur to the domestic economy.

The meeting was a packed one in the Convocation Room of Church House, Westminster.

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