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Science fiction

A meeting I’m really looking forward to is the one on Tuesday 23rd to the Queen Mary Literary Society at the University of London.  This one is not about my work at the ASI, but about the science fiction books I write for children.  I have been asked to say how I set about writing such books, the techniques I use, and the effects I am trying to achieve.  I am finally asked to say why I choose to write in that genre.

With luck it could be a fascinating discussion.  I have five such books in print, with another just finished, and one I drafted nearly two years ago that still needs some work.  None of them fall into the ‘fantasy’ category, in that there are no spells or magic to assist my characters, though there is science not covered by our present understanding and achievements.  The prime aim always has to be to write a good story that I hope my readers will enjoy.

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