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Madsen’s year

I do themed years instead of New Year resolutions. 2012 was “full pelt,” and in it I published three books: “Economics Made Simple,” “Think Tank,” and “Tree Boy.” I recorded 20 YouTube videos in my “Economics is Fun” series.

I debated twice in the Oxford Union, and once in the Cambridge Union and at Trinity College Dublin.  I spoke at a Freedom Forum, an NCPA conference in Prague, Freedom Week in Cambridge, at two ISOS conferences, and at an IREF meeting in Paris.

I addressed university societies at QMUL, Essex, Cambridge, Doncaster, York, Oxford and UCL. I spoke to 6th form students from Leicester, Cherwell, King’s Canterbury, JFS, and Harrow. I wrote articles for newspapers and magazines, plus “Silver Dawn” (children’s SF). I did a series of 10 blog posts on “Ten Very Good Things,” and another series on “Ten Reasons to be Cheerful,” plus 100 other blog posts. I appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News, BBC 2, Radio 4, World Service plus others.

2013 promises to be quieter, since my theme will be “hobbies,” featuring 12 of them during the year. Quieter, perhaps, but still fun.


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