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Optimistic? Yes.

I’m an optimist by nature, largely because I’m confident of my ability to influence the circumstances of my life.  I also tend to see the good in developments rather than the bad.  Looking ahead to the coming year, I see quite a few things to look forward to.  Indeed, I’m compiling a list of them to write about.  On the whole I expect the modest economic recovery to continue, especially on the employment front.  I also look to what I might call a more relaxed attitude in the nation, with fewer people getting uptight about things.  The royal birth should give a boost to national morale a sense of well-being.  I think it will become increasingly clear that the nation is in no mood for more political integration with Europe, and would probably vote to leave the EU rather than accept that.  I also think the circumstances are promising for major tax reform and simplification, which cannot be bad.  I haven’t finished my list yet, but I’m facing the year with enthusiasm rather than foreboding.


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